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The Art Of Tailoring

A Canissi márka 2017-ben nyitotta meg első üzletét Budapest szívében a Markó utcában.

Ugyanebben az évben méretes szabósága mellett létrehozta első limitált férfi öltönyökből álló kollekcióját. 2021 májusában régen várt pillanat következett be, a Canissi debütált első női kollekciójával. A cég filozófiájának alapja a  kézműves know-how. Az egyedülálló couture darabok vonalai és elemei a kultúrát és a történelmet rejtik magunkban. Szakmai hátterét professzionális csapatának és kiváló szabómestereinek művészi preciztiása biztosítja. Értékei a hordhatóság, a kényelem és az esztétikai tökéletesség. A magas minőségű luxus szöveteknek köszönhetően a fenntarhatóság nem kérdés, hanem alapelv. 

Szilvia Kanizsai

For me, my company is an excellent place to meet ambitious and successful people.
A flattering outfit gives you self-assurance. Therefore, cleverly selected garments, while not conditions to confidence, give you poise and self-assured presence, so they can help you in everyday competitive situations, business negotiations, elegant formal events, or dating. With our advice and unique, personalized collections, our customers feel confident and this is one of the keys to their success.

Already as a child I was very interested in fine fabrics and beautiful garments. While still only a little girl, I started designing clothes for my Barbie doll. As I grew older, I became more and more interested in the topic, and by the time I grew up, the playful activity had become a profession.
Today I paint oil portraits in my spare time. I was 22 when I discovered the diverse world of colours and textures. Everyone has a passion to lose oneself in. For me, this was the cavalcade of colours. Encouraged by my partner, I bought my first real stretched canvas and painted my first picture.
In this creative process, I became aware that I was interested in everything in which I could experience my creativity because it’s a serious but playful activity in which I can be active and passive at the same time. It’s passive when I let impressions and feelings inspire me and capture my imagination, and it’s active when something new, something that’s unique and didn’t exist before is born from these visions.

I’m lucky because in my work I have the opportunity to combine both of my hobbies.
I started dealing with style consulting for business people in 2009. The practice of recent years has shown that there is great demand for this service in Hungary because men, just like women, like to express their individuality and their own style with their dressing, which is not an obvious thing. That’s why it’s often useful to have a professional help you navigate trends, colours, and recommend something unique and personalised for day-to-day wear or a special moment in life.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that our services have achieved outstanding recognition and success among men as well, as of the two sexes they are perhaps even more result-oriented and want to get visible results in as little time as possible. Their satisfaction is the key to our success, out of which something new and original, the Canissi brand, was born in 2017.

Nikolett Szécsi

Canissi’s Operations Manager is an ambitious, determined young person whose values represent the way and the reasons why we work at Canissi. It is with her help that selected pieces move on to the production phase; she ensures that our customers receive the requested suit or made-to-measure shirt as soon as possible.  
With her kindness and way of thinking, Niki is a real asset to our team. It was one of her ambitions to have a job where she could make the most of her qualifications as an economist and marketing manager, work in a great atmosphere, with super clients. 
“Working in a good team can provide a lot of motivation and feeling of success, and the charm of Canissi helps with just that!”


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