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Owing to the severity of the crisis situation caused by the coronavirus, we have decided that Canissi will be manufacturing protective masks at full capacity, for as long as the situation requires.

We find that every responsible corporate executive attaches great importance to protecting the employees at their company.

The goal of Canissi is to contribute to the protection of the Hungarian labour market, to the greatest extent possible within our capabilities, by designing and manufacturing in Hungary.

We expect we can undertake the production of a large amount of masks, we consider the production of up to 10,000 units per day to be feasible.

At our current capabilities, our reasonable estimate is that we are able to produce 5 types of masks. The properties of the masks are explained in detail in a separate guide.

As part of our commitment 5% of the amount received from the sale of the masks will be used to produce masks to be offered as donation, thus helping areas worst affected by the coronavirus. We wish to distribute these donation masks to those who cannot afford this means of protection and prevention due to their financial situation. Through this, we wish to help orphanages, mothers' homes and homeless shelters.

It’s important to note that our masks are not manufactured in a sterile environment. The masks do not qualify as medical devices and meet the manufacturing standards of medical masks, therefore they are not eligible for CE marking.

It is recommended to wash and iron the masks after receiving them, in order to increase their ability to protect against viruses.