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Life is about you!

Stylish self-expression with perfect lines that radiates power.

Canissi Made To Measure and Bespoke suits are the embodiment of artistic precision. Based on your physique, we’ll help you choose the most appropriate suit-making technology. 

The difference between made-to-measure tailoring and traditional shops: the personalized, exclusive experience. 

Every detail of a Canissi suit is personalized. The most important principle for us is that the customers who visit us benefit from Canissi's personalized, exclusive experience. This is all about you! At Canissi Tailoring you can feel at home. We bring style, elegance and fashion closer to those who visit us. We make even the simplest form of dressing an experience, because with us time slows down and only the customer matters. You’ll not only find a quality suit or shirt with us, but also the experience by which you can learn more about yourself.

Your time is valuable! – With us, everyone’s a story

  1. From the thousands of fabrics and colour choices, we choose the style that best suits your needs. Next, your measurements are taken to ensure a precise fit. 

  2. Together we discuss the details of the suit, tailored to your personality and needs. (pocket, cuff, lining, buttons)


  3. During the fittings, we’ll analyse your semi-finished suit together and the last steps and adjustments will follow, thanks to which your suit will fit you perfectly. 

Made to Measure – Tailored to your personality

With Made to measure, we choose from several of our iconic styles the one that best suits your body shape, and tailor the pattern to your measurements with artistic precision. Made-to-measure suits take 80 hours to complete, so you can soon pick up your new suit. Until the suit is handed over - with made-to-measure - two or three fittings are required for the perfect end result. We love challenges and for us, the customer’s request always comes first, so in some cases, your carefully designed suit can be completed in as little time as a week.


In the case of a bespoke suit, the first step is a fitting with a canvas suit made entirely to your measurements. You’ll try on your suit made of canvas and if the style fits perfectly, we’ll then make your suit out of the selected material. Building a bespoke suit takes 150-180 man-hours, so it takes more time than a made-to-measure suit. More fittings - up to 3-4 - are needed until the bespoke suit is completed. 

We’re convinced that the first handshake is preceded by the first impression.


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