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At Canissi, philanthropy is as much at the heart of our brand as clothes are.

We think it’s important to keep in touch with our customers on a personal level and to share the experience of attending our events, and for this reason we relish the opportunity to meet with them outside the salon. For Canissi’s owner, Szilvia Kanizsai, combining corporate events with charity is the realisation of a childhood dream, as she’s passionate about creating value, contributing to society and supporting worthwhile causes. Our events and charity work are conducted in collaboration with partners who share similar values to us.


Welcome to the joys of tailor-made elegance!

You’ll need an appointment to visit our Tailor Salon, where
we look forward to chatting to you over a cup of tea or coffee, with absolutely no obligation on your part.

Méretes szabóság, vagy kollekciós termékek esetén az alábbi számon érdeklődhetnek:
+36 70 386 3363 

Igazító szabóság esetén az alábbi számon érdeklődhetnek:

 +36 20 328 0161

Booking by email:

Address and opening hours:
Budapest 1055 Markó u. 4.
Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm


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