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Men’s collection

Our collection is designed for men who like style, quality and unique solutions. A vital approach that underlies our brand is to only make clothes from pure materials. 

We work with Italian and English materials of a world-class standard: 100% cashmere, tweed, 100% wool: Super 100’s, Super 110’s, Super 120’s, Super 130’s, Super 140’s, Super 150’s. 

We love classic solutions, but we always try to keep things looking fresh and modern by applying the latest trends in tailoring design. Our collection includes fully and semi-lined sports jackets, casual but elegant trousers in a range of sizes, as well as waistcoats, jackets and suits.

We only make a few of each model in order to preserve the uniqueness of our clothes. Visit our salon, choose the best fit for your body shape and we'll make small adjustments to fit your measurements, and you can have your garment in just 24-48 hours.



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